How Has Marketing changed your Real Estate Career?

This site exists for one reason, marketing in the real estate industry is leaping forward and most agents simply cannot keep up. I am Chris Webb and I can help you with your marketing. As a former agent and small business owner, I know first-hand the struggles in both the development and implementation of marketing which sets you apart. I know about real estate marketing outlets which are presented to agents and brokerages since I have been pitched these products too.


New Agents – starting out in real estate is a major decision and it has to be treated as such. Unlike other people who are simply looking for your business, I intend to grow it through marketing tips and posts here as well as classes which will help you find exactly where you fit in the Tucson Real Estate Landscape.

Experienced Agents – have you been practicing the profession of real estate for a few years? Are you looking to take the next step towards growth? We have a great selection of services which we can help you with in all areas of marketing and business development.

Established Agents – Tucson is your home and you have had several years of sustained growth. You know the business is changing and it is moving towards more technology, not less. We are exactly what you are looking for. We have a team of people who are patient enough to walk you, step by step, through the technology space to find what tools will allow your business to run more efficiently and continue to grow.

Modern Agents – have you innovated along with technology in recent years? Do you know what to expect from a social media campaign and how to develop landing pages? What we offer is the only sounding board locally in the industry which understands the industry. We love collaborating with agents in several new, cutting-edge campaigns.


I lead the marketing team here in Tucson. This site is my blog where Realtors can find useful information, tips and how to blog articles to give them a better understanding in terms of marketing. Although this site is designed for any agent who is looking for overall marketing help, our office is located in Tucson Arizona. For agents in and around the Tucson market we would love to sit down and talk about the types of services we offer to referring partners. For more information on this contact me at 240-5736. Overall this website is designed with the Realtor who wants a firm foundation of online and traditional marketing to enhance their clients experience. My purpose with this site is to create a place agents see as a resource in terms of marketing and business development.

Real Estate Marketing Quick Answers

Quick answers to questions surrounding real estate marketing.

What is real estate marketing?

At its most basic form, real estate marketing is marketing with two purposes. First to develop a brand for the agents themselves. And second, to create a great user experience for the customers. Traditionally agents do this with print materials like newspaper ads or over the radio airwaves. Recently, and with the popularity of social media, agents are now looking to market in less traditional outlets. Real estate marketing is changing every day and if agents do not keep up they will waste time, money and effort.

How can you help with my real estate marketing?

A simple answer is we can audit your real estate marketing campaigns, discussing what you are currently doing and what strategies have proven success for me and my team, and go from there. My job here is to design and implement custom marketing campaigns with real estate agents..

So you know what works right?

This is a blanket statement and it can never be a yes or no answer. For example, I recently met with an agent who has an affiliation with a non-profit. The agent asked me about advertising for the non-profit and said, “I do not understand, we have $10,000 in Google Adwords per month, why is it not working?” What this agent was saying was “…if I used $10,000 in online ad revenue, I would see my ads everywhere, why is it not working for the non-profit?” I am using this to illustrate the point that marketing is unique to every situation. What works for one Realtor in Tucson may not even work for another Realtor in the same office. There are several factors to consider when reviewing what to do and where to start with online marketing.