Real Estate marketing in the new real estate marketplace

The development of the web 2.0 has given professionals in the real estate industry several online marketing options. Content Marketing was developed as the web began to take form and it only grew with more technology. Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media has changed the real estate marketing landscape tremendously and with these changes came a need for a more skilled marketer. This new marketer is one who not only can see where the marketing trends are now, but also where they are going. This is why I have created this website to help agents learn what and how to effectively use online marketing tools. I go through several different aspects of online marketing including social media, blogging, email marketing and much more. I believe every agent has value to give to the online community, they just need the tools to express this value.

What I offer

I know several agents who have had their son or niece work on their social media and online marketing and the results have been what you may expect. They are often inconsistent with postings, not knowledgeable about the industry, or lack a certain work ethic. I offer consulting services for serious Realtors and industry professionals who are looking to move to the next level of customer service. Real estate marketing does not need to be cookie cutter or plain. It can be engaging, educational and encouraging. My goal is to create a user experience your clients will love. This means examining your real estate marketing currently in place and developing a plan which fits your unique real estate market. Analyzing the market as well as the marketing tools you have is something a former agent and current marketing professional can do much better than your son or niece. So basically, what I offer is the developmental power of my mind based on years of market analysis and real estate marketing courage (meaning trying things other will not).

Who I work with

New Agents – starting out in real estate is a major decision and it has to be treated as such. Unlike other people who are simply looking for your business, I intend to grow it through marketing tips and posts here as well as classes which will help you find exactly where you fit in your real estate market. Recently I created a system based on an agent’s profile in which we had 10 contracts in 4 weeks. I am not a coach, I do not tell you what to say, I merely guide you to the right conversation to have at the right time.

Experienced Agents – have you been practicing the profession of real estate for a few years? Are you looking to take the next step towards growth? I have a great selection of services which we can help you with in all areas of marketing and business development. A good example of this is an email newsletter package which will work great for your business. This is different than other services out there because it is custom and unique to you.

Established Agents – If you have had several years of sustained growth, but recently have hit a plateau, we should chat.  You know the business is changing and it is moving towards more technology, not less. I am exactly what you are looking for. My guarantee for you is if we cannot come to an agreement on the direction you should be headed, remember I am a consultant, not a yes man, I will recommend we go our separate ways. My methods work, but only for the agents who are looking for my services. If we are not a fit, that is great! I know several other vendors who can help you with one-off services like web design and others.

Modern Agents – have you innovated along with technology in recent years? Do you know what to expect from a social media campaign and how to develop landing pages? What I offer is the only sounding board in the industry which understands the industry. I love collaborating with agents in several new, cutting-edge campaigns.Real estate marketing - Online marketing - social media marketing for Realtors

What to do next

I would head over to either my blog or my tips page and start learning about the new real estate marketing world. I love teaching and sharing with others because I know each agent is unique and what might work for one agent may not work well for another. The real estate saying “location, location, location” also plays a role with real estate marketing. Depending on where you are located some tools will work better than others. So you must learn about tools and other online marketing trends first to notice where you should start in your market. I love helping, but I enjoy seeing others succeed much more.