About Chris

WHo Is Chris Webb1Who is Chris Webb

I hate this question because I am sure things are out there which I miss. Let’s see I am a marketer who is patient enough to work with all types of people and who has a sense of urgency to get the job done. I know this is an overarching answer to who I am, but it is true. Professionally, I work with one of the best teams in Tucson and who are able to help design and implement custom marketing plans for you and your team to grow. Also, we hold several training meetings at our corporate office. For more information on that please contact me at 520-240-5736.

Chris, how are you different?

First I am a former Realtor. I know the struggles of generating business and creating marketing pieces which will not pay off immediately. Review my blog and see the posts I have written, I know exactly what you are looking for and I answer those questions – Realtor to Realtor… sort of (I am no longer an active agent)

Some additional background info…

I am a happy husband who enjoys helping others see technology as an asset, not a hurdle. This comes from my ability to work and communicate with so many different people. I enjoy reaching a solution to problems simply for the experience of working together. I love research and love finding answers. I have always been the guy who learned some random statistic and worked it into everyday situations. My friends would say, “I learn something new every day with you Chris!”

Have you worked?

Absolutely – I have had several jobs and some stable careers. I really have had my share of experiences in life. I have worked as a clerk for a major insurance company, been a member of the US Air Force, and even done factory work on the graveyard shift. I also worked several odd jobs as an independent contractor including the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and of course as a marketer and Realtor. I have several experiences which have led to me being able to help you in your real estate career and I never forget what has gone into my background.

5 Random things about Chris (5 being the most important!)

  1. I love cats! I have two in my home and they are the best pets ever!
  2. I am a closed foodie – I do not eat all sorts of food, but what I do I make sure it is high quality and worth my time.
  3. I enjoy watching football alone – I coached for some years and love watching the game from the inside out. If you have questions about the three technique and how it helps the Patriots win, please ask
  4. I love the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and several college football teams.
  5. I am married to the best woman I have ever met, in order for anyone to really know who I am, they will know how much my wife means to me.

Tech Specs

I know several aspects of both the technical and analytical side of the real estate marketing business. From working with a team on creating Craigslist ads to meeting with an agent to discuss one single email, I can cut through the tech specs and analyze the data to find the right plan for you. My specialties are listed below:

  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Websites
  • Content & Engagement Marketing

How I can help Tucson Realtors

I collaborate with real estate agents here in Tucson and my loan team to design and implement custom marketing campaigns to reach the right people at the right time. But, what does that really mean to agents in the Tucson area? It means I can help where others cannot because of my expertise and my commitment to research, understand and translate the ins and outs of marketing both in the real estate community and several other industries. Basically, because of my background I can help you create co-branded marketing to grow our businesses together. For more information simply call me at 520-240-5736.

Classes & Training Events

Most agents have several tools which they can use to grow their business. I know since I was an agent. I have been reviewing software specifically for the real estate industry for several years. I create specific training programs for agents to learn exactly how to use and implement several software application.

I also develop and teach courses to help agents with everything from marketing basics through the most current and trendy apps. Basically, I am an added resource for agents in Tucson (and other places) to use to leverage their time and marketing efforts.

So if you are in real estate and are in need of marketing help, please contact me at any time.

“Chris Webb is known throughout the region because of his unique way to analyze an industry and create unique marketing strategies for business owners based on how they will be viewed online. Chris thinks differently than other social media managers who will talk about likes and retweets, Chris Webb is about the bottom line, will your business achieve its goals.”