Consulting, the first step towards real estate marketing success.

Consulting has changed since the 90’s. It is now becoming the de-facto specialty of several people within and outside of the real estate industry. What is a consultant in the real estate marketing sense? It is someone who knows what the marketing community and the real estate community have and where the two industries can come together.

What is a consultant?

In every field, there are people with a particular set of skills (I hear Liam Nesson too!) or experience which gives them keen insight on their particular industry. They are experts in their field, these experts just sell their expertise. Consultants come in all sorts of fields from resume’s to construction. Why should marketing be any different, in fact, whey should online marketing or social marketing be any different?

I am a consultant for agent who are serious about building their business. I offer several ways to help agents grow their business. What I specialize in is taking the dreams of the agents I meet with and coming up with a plan to get them there.

My Consulting Process

I take my job quite seriously. I understand what it is like to be a Realtor because I was one. I know the feeling you get when three days before closing the buyer decides to call the lender and mention they have an envelope from the IRS. (True story!) I know the feeling of losing a listing to a competitor. I also know the feeling of making the sale on a house and helping a family into their first home! Real estate serves a great purpose in the world today and because I have been in your shoes, I know exactly what your thought process is.

It is also because of this unique background I know marketing is not just about impressions, views, and page likes. In the real estate industry, it is about closings. I center my efforts on creating a better funnel which gives you the only metric that matters, closings! This is why the first thing I do is educate. I make sure you know what marketing techniques are


This is why the first thing I do is educate. I make sure you know what marketing techniques are useful and which ones are not. This is the reason I do so well with clients, I do not give you the same cookie cutter approach. I was and agent remember, I will not sell you anything I would not have thoroughly vetted myself. When I say I educate, what I mean is there is a process in which you will complete a series interviews and assignments in which we can see if you are serious about your business. I take pride in what I do and I expect the same from my clients. If this is a turn off for you then you should stop reading and find someone else to help you. I only help those agents who are serious about their business.


Once I educate, I then listen. Keep in mind, both of these services are complimentary. The education you’ve from me is about changing your marketing mind, not plugging a leaky hole. Often times agents are grateful for this because they discovered they did not need me! Yes, I am happy about this, because If you can solve your problems on your own without my labor it is a win-win! (I will ask for a review!)  My listening is about those deeper level issues which we can agree would need a consultant to help with. Here is where we get started on finding a solution and developing a plan to see you reach your goals.


After the listen phase, I move to the analyze phase. Here I look at what you are doing and how we can make adjustments. I also introduce several tools to you and your team to shore up the loose areas of your marketing. It is in this phase where the education phase really takes off. Here we will often come together to similar conclusions about your existing efforts and shift your resources to better fit not only your plan but you budget too.


Here is where I make recommendations on which products to use and how to implement them into your marketing plans. This is usually the beginning of our time together because I will also assist int he implementation of these recommendations.