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Content marketing for real estate is something agents struggle with all the time. They always seem to think that content marketing is some sort of far-reaching way for internet gurus to market and all of a sudden leads magically appear. This is half true – as the line goes in Field of Dreams “if you build it, they will come.” In this case, if you create good content, leads will come. But what is this mysterious content that agents seem to miss?

Content Marketing for Real Estate – a working definition

First, let’s review what content marketing is. Content marketing is a strategic approach concentrated on producing and distributing helpful, applicable, and regular content to attract and maintain a targeted audience. Content marketing is designed to create an experience in which leads become dependent on your content in order to educate or enhance the purchasing process.

Notice I did not use the term sales. With the development of the web 2.0, the traditional sales process has been turned on its head. Keep in mind there are still opportunities for this traditional sales approach in which one can use the straw man, tie-downs, and embedded commands, however, these are beginning to fade. The new sales process is a purchase process. This puts all the control on the consumer. (Again, notice the verbiage, they are consuming your content until they sign a contract.)

Consumers are viewing more and more content in several different forms to educate themselves on several different aspect of the real estate community. This is not ever going to change back. If you want to grow your business going forward, you must adhere to a content strategy to do so.

Content Marketing for Real Estate – an in-depth look

Content Marketing for Real Estate - Real Estate Agent Job Descritption

Now that we have covered the basics of content marketing for real estate I am going to go into some specifics. First, review your job description. What exactly do you do? Here is a short list of what a real estate agent does:

  • Analyzing market data — Identifying the underlying reasons or trends in the local market.
  • Visit properties to evaluate them before showing them to buyer.
  • Assess mortgage options to assist clients to obtain proper financing at the best rates and terms. (Although I would never advise this, loan officers are there to help you – leverage that! Remember your profession is real estate, your lenders profession is lending.)
  • Present purchase offers to sellers for buyers. Review listings for sellers who wish to sell their homes.
  • Act as a mediator in negotiations between buyers and sellers, generally representing one side or the other.
  • Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold to determine its competitive sales or market price.
  • Promote properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.
  • Guide buyers through home showings and attend inspections of the property.
  • Prepare documents such as purchase contracts, buyer broker agreements, and others. (Some state specific)
  • Consult with escrow services, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control companies to ensure that terms and conditions of purchase contracts are satisfied before closing.
  • Interview buyers to determine what types of homes they are looking for and generate lists of properties that are fit with buyers’ needs and budget.


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If you stopped while reading these points, you have value to add to the point. Which would be a great piece of content you could provide your potential clients. Bill Gasset understands this and in a recent article on pricing a home he provided several pieces of valuable information to the reader.  Bill’s post is both helpful and applicable to the seller, he is also educating some readers and enhancing others experience. This is a perfect example of an in-depth article with respect to content marketing for real estate.

Content Marketing for Real Estate – 3 great examples you can use TODAY!

Bill’s work is great, but how does this help you with your content marketing for real estate? Here are 3 great example of a content you could create. I selected 3 of the job description bullets above and gave a brief way to develop some content marketing pieces for real estate.

Analyzing market data — Identifying the underlying reasons or trends in the local market.

Review the market data and create a “Market Outlook” post when your local Realtor association produces monthly figures. For new agents, this may require some help so talk with your broker to understand the market and how you can explain it.

Visit properties to evaluate them before showing them to buyer.

Do reviews on homes or communities you have previewed. This is as simple as reading the property description, walking the home or community and writing a little over 300 words about your experience.

Prepare documents such as purchase contracts, buyer broker agreements, and others.

Create a working list of all the paperwork needed for a purchase contract and a listing agreement and explain what each one is for. This is a great way for you to develop your “elevator pitch” for each document as well as build some authority with the online consumer.

BONUS –  Consult with escrow services, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control companies to ensure that terms and conditions of purchase contracts are satisfied before closing.

The opportunity here is even greater because you can build your relationship with related affiliates by asking them to guest blog! This is a way for you to get more content which is helpful and applicable and also educated and enhancing the readers real estate experience.We work with a great local Tucson insurance agent who did just this and it did wonders for her blog and gave her tremendous credibility with her clients.

Content marketing for real estate is a great way to build your lead base and now you have some great examples to get you started. I want to encourage you to review your daily approach to real estate and find the parts which you do over and over again. These are the aspects people do seek answers for, if they did not they would not ask you to go through them. If you notice a pattern, use it as a potential content piece to educate or enhance the real estate lead. Ask yourself this question, if you are going through something over and over again with client after client, do you think they would use search engines to try to answer the question first? It the answer to this question is yes, which it is, then who will they find? Will it be you and your website or some other agent?



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