Content Solution Service

Content Solutions Service -Blogging service for Realtors

Content Solution Service – Content marketing is all about planning and distributing content through various channels. As a former Realtor, I know you do not have time to set up your channels, create your content, or ensure it is distributed. Our Realtor Content Solution Service does all of this for you.

Content marketing is an effective way to build a sustainable lead base by providing answers to the questions people search for. The best way to do this is by blogging. Once you have written a blog you can then post it on Facebook, Tweet it, send it to other professionals on LinkedIn and even use it in an email newsletter. With every post, you are showcasing your expertise and building your brand among both your clients and new leads. Our Content Solution Service will increase your SEO, inbound links, and lead inquiries.

I know I have to blog, but…

The thing I hear about most from agents is …”I just don’t have the time to blog!” We have a solution. It is the one service we provide here at Chris Webb Tucson. It is called our Content Solution Service, or CSS, and it encompasses creating content and distributing it on social media sites. Our Content Solution Service is similar to a social media management service, only on steroids.

How is Content Solutions Service different than other social media management services?

We not only manage your content curation, we manage your content creation. This means you will have high-quality keyword content created for your brand which is both unique and yours to distribute. See the breakdown below for details.

Content Solutions Service – Details of service:

Our initial consultation on keywords and channels will be paid upfront at a cost of $100 which will be credited back to your account upon service commitment. In this meeting, we will review your goals and determine your keywords.

  • 2 blog posts per week with a new keyword and optimized for search engines.
  • Social posts based on the blog posts to maximize your viewership online.
  • Training on social media, online marketing, and content marketing.
  • All channels and content are yours, you have the ability to use it even if our contract is not renewed.

Content Solutions Service – Next steps

Contact us today to set up your meeting date. We can then send out our information worksheets and get started creating your custom content for your blog. You will see your lead base grow with our service, now it is time to take the first step. Contact us today!