Real Estate Marketing Tips

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Quick Answer Real Estate Marketing FAQ’s

Should I buy a new Website or use the one my broker provides?

I am a firm believer in leading with revenue. If you are at a large brokerage, especially one with a K and a W in the name, I would stick with their sites at first. I think your level of production should determine if you purchase a website.

Squarespace or WordPress?

I have used both in my career, and each has its pros and cons. I would mention that there have been some studies which show that WordPress out reforms Squarespace in several areas.

Do I have to use social media?

No, this topic has a direct correlation to the personal use in which you experience social media. If you do not have a personal profile and you are looking to dive into the business page aspect I would caution against this. You have to be comfortable communicating with others on the social media outlet you choose to use and if you are not, there is not sense in using it.

I’ve heard I should master one social media site before I move on, is this true?

Kind of, I guess you need to define mastery to be sure. For example, I can be an admin on several Facebook business pages and to the new user it seems like I have mastery. However, I learn something new all the time when researching blogs and working on different social media sites. The point here is that mastery is relative¬†to each user and I would not simply restrict myself ¬†from other social networks because I am still learning. In the end, isn’t mastery really about having the courage to try at the risk of failing?

Which social networks should I start with for Real estate Marketing?

I like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for beginners.

I see agents post the same thing to Twitter as Facebook, how can I do this?

I will answer this question with a question… why would you want to? This is not a wise social strategy at all. In fact, those in the industry see this as a cheap way to distribute content in lieu of having a thought out marketing plan. Prediction – more and more people will be turned off by this going forward. I will not even engage with people on Twitter who have a link with… because this is a sign that the agent is not treating Twitter with respect, why should they have mine?

How do I get more Followers?

I would say engage with people. Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are all about the engagement when it comes to growth. I would not suggest you buy them, this is not a sound strategy.

Should I use YouTube for Real Estate Marketing?

The short answer is yes, YouTube is a great way to develop your online marketing footprint as well as give you better search engine results. Video is increasingly becoming the most consumed form of media online and YouTube will give you access to the leads who are going to consume this content.

How should I use YouTube?

As a Realtor, you have a great sense of several different aspects of particular neighborhoods. I would start here. Determine where you are an expert and shoot a few videos on the area. For those who are a little camera shy, I would use power point presentations and create videos to explain the real estate sales process.




Real Estate Marketing Audio Clips

I love podcasts! In honor of all the podcasters out there who do a wonderful job in providing the best strategies and answers for marketers like me, I wanted to provide some quick answers to you. Here are some tips and answers to some of the questions I have been asked from agents who I have met with over the past several years. Please listen and let me know if you have any questions. (Transcripts below are not exact, but I am sure you can make them out!)

Thank you for listening and please let me know what real estate marketing questions you have.

No Transcript here, just my sincere thanks for listening and please ask me any question. In the online marketing space, there are not dumb questions, simply unasked one.


What is online marketing for real estate?

Online marketing, sometimes referred to as digital marketing or internet marketing is by definition the use of tools and processes to market products and services to the online community. What online marketing allows for is a more efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to leverage the use social media by the general public. Some key points about online marketing – there are several tools to use, but first you must focus on the basics. I recommend using a basic Customer relationship management system, or CRM, and a few select social media outlets, namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube. These are foundational social sites which will give you great lead sources over the long term. A brief caveat here, in different markets, different social networks will be needed. But for a basic start, I recommend these four. As for the processes, it is wise to create a way to use each tool in an effective manner. To do this, you must create a process or find a process that is already working for others. I typically customize a strategy based on the agent I work with, however, a basic strategy is to focus on a target and create a workflow for that segmented group. For example, if you are looking to market to Military members, create some marketing materials which speak of the PCSing processes and the location of homes in proximity to the base. Once you have a target market, you can now select places to reach your targets. These are the social networks above, keep in mind there may be more in your location. This is the basis of inbound marketing. So, to recap, online marketing is the use of tools and processes to market to the online community. A basic strategy is to use Target marketing which segments out groups and to reaches those people using an inbound strategy.


Why should I use Facebook to market real estate?

Because Facebook is so large I highly recommend agents who are comfortable on Facebook to use Facebook. The major concern here is an agent must currently be using Facebook for personal reasons before they begin using it for professional reasons. There are several aspects of Facebook in which I recommend agents use it. Groups is a great area to start. Using a Facebook business page is another, these are great tools for both branding and search engine optimization. Additionally once an agent has a Facebook business page they can then begin to utilize Facebook ads. These are three reasons why real estate agents should use Facebook.


Real Estate Marketing Video Clips